Hottest Hairstyle Trends For 2010

As a celebrity hairstylist and Ambassador to L'Oreal Professional USA, I am very involved in my career and passion for styling - from hair to makeup to fashion shows to photo shoots. I am always looking for inspiration and industry knowledge to keep my team at Trini in Private [French salon & spas, a franchise company] as well as myself up-to-date with current trends in hair, fashion, art and design. While my expertise is as a hairstylist, there is so much to observe and understand the interconnectedness of the industry. Also, there is a vast amount of science, technique and precision that goes into this profession.

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Aside from all of the technicalities, I love sharing my beauty tips with readers and clients.
So... the most sought-after looks for 2010 are...

Angled Bobs
For medium length hair, I'm seeing lots of bobs- whether straight or with curls- it's all about adding angles. The bob is a classic style that works for everyone. And because it is so versatile, the bob can be adapted to accentuate any person's features.

Layers for Medium & Long Lengths
For medium and long looks this season, the trend is "movement." Leaving your hair down draws attention to the face and body, and whenever we move, walk, talk, or work, our hair moves with us.

Messy Buns
A classic look that's quick & easy... when my clients ask for suggestions about how to keep those long locks out of their face and "out of the way," I recommend "messy buns." Whether you use an elastic, an alligator clip or smaller barrettes, simply twist hair into a loose bun and secure.

Glamorous Styles
Glamour styles simply mean "special event" or "prom-like" hair. I think this look works great for the weekend especially. Since you may not have time to create a special up do through the week (it definitely takes practice), the weekend is a great time to play with different looks. It also dresses up a casual weekend "blue jeans and t-shirt" outfit.

Ponytails - all lengths
Simple and easy to do... we've been wearing ponytails since we were little girls, and they're on the fashion runways now! Whether a short ponytail at the nap of the neck or a full pony with lots of volume, it's the perfect complement for any look.

Short Cuts
Saving the best for last... SHORT CUTS are the "IT" look for 2010. Short styles are everywhere- from Paris to New York to Miami. When my clients ask for a new short style, I usually suggest a length that is still long enough to be pulled back- whether with a barrette or an elastic.

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