Miley Cyrus Has $25,000 Fake Hair

If you want a luscious mane like Miley Cyrus’, be prepared to sell off a kidney, because it’s gonna cost you a goddamn fortune. Or you could always wait until a particularly large wad of seaweed washes up on the shore and get it for free. I doubt anyone would notice the difference. According to the Daily Mail:
The star appears to be gaining a reputation for being just a little high maintenance.
She recently spent an impressive $24,000 on new hair extensions.
Miley is said to have had extensions flown from Italy to New York’s Gemini 14 salon, at which point stylist Kristina Baricelli flew with the extensions to Los Angeles, where they were finally put on.
You could do a lot with twenty-five grand other than gluing it to your head. Like a whole year of college, for example. But I think the Cyruses have made it very clear that they don’t need no edumacation or fancy book-learnin to get ahead in this life. That’s huccome they gots the TV and Twitter.

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