Latest Hairstyle Trends - Time to Change or Time to Stay

There are lots of things to consider when deciding on a new hairstyle, and copying the latest celeb trend is not always advisable. And it is important to know when a new trend is on the horizon or when an old one needs to fade into the sunset. Remember, trends can be quick to come and go, and you do not want to be stuck with an outdated look.

Latest Hairstyle Trends - Time to Change or Time to Stay 3
Latest Hairstyle Trends - Time to Change or Time to Stay 2 When going for a new look, think about your personality-is it classy and sophisticated, sporty and chic, or glamorous and bold? Here are several trends, or looks, to help you identify your style and take you from work to the gym to going out.

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The classic bob

The traditional bob is a classic, effortless style that allows you extra time in the mornings to finish your breakfast... getting ready can be stressful and rushed in the mornings before work. By adding layers to a bob, you are adding movement to create a dynamic look. Whether you use a curling iron for glamorous curls or a flat iron for a straight, sophisticated style, the decision is yours! A bob is a classic style that works for everyone, and because it is so versatile, this look can be adapted in many ways. Simple, classic and modern, do try this trend!

Curls are back...

Curls are a girl's best friend. Paying close attention to facial features; beauty experts are using curls to create looks that are playful and sexy. Leaving bouncy curls down and around the face of pinned up, this is a great way to make a look more feminine.

Layer me up...

Classic lengths with angled layers are sure to make your look stylish and modern while also adding movement to hair. The angled layers give hair natural body, again, whether the length is short, medium or long.

Pixie Perfect

Another trend right now is short and chic! The thing that all trend watchers and hair experts agree on is that 2010 hairstyles are all about short being sexy for women. Sometimes finding the perfect length can be a challenge, but by incorporating hair accessories and barrettes, any look is achievable. Whether shoulder or chin length, it is all about using your locks to frame the face. This style has the perfect combination of edginess and femininity.

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